Toyota Rush Type G vs TRD Sportivo

The Toyota Rush Series is back with new, superior specifications and remains the most favorite SUV/Sport Utility Vehicle for the Indonesian people. Until now, the Rush car is available in 2 versions, namely type G and type S or what is more often referred to as the TRD Sportivo. So, which of the two is superior?

1. Rims and Tires

Both type G and type S, both use Dual Tone Wheels, although they both have different motifs and sizes. For the G type, Toyota uses 16-inch 215/65 Dunlop Enasave tires, while on the TRD Sportivo, Toyota uses 17-inch 215/60 Bridgestone Alenza tires.

2. Air Conditioning System

The AC control system on type G does not completely adopt digital settings, but only looks. while TRD Sportivo has really taken advantage of the existence of digital technology with the Single Zone Auto Climate Control feature. Where the temperature can be seen as well as set through the display screen at the bottom of the Head Unit.

3. Door Handle

When viewed from the side, it will be clear how the Rush type G differs from the TRD Sportivo. Especially on the door handle which is used as access to get in and out of the car. In the 2021 G type, Toyota deliberately made the design more plain. While the TRD Sportivo is fronted with a small black button that is useful as a Passive Key-less Entry.

4. Materials and Colors of the Dashboard

Compared to the previous series, the interior of Toyota's car this year carries a more modern feel with contrasting colors, namely black and white. The panel components in the dashboard area are left separate with a special silver trim on the G type and black trim on the TRD Sportivo.

The materials used for the two products are quite different. Where the dashboard panel on the G type uses a plastic material that is printed with neat stitches. While the TRD Sportivo dashboard panel is made with soft touch material which is sewn directly and is not a print.

5. Features and Materials Stir

Both types of Rush are equipped with Tilt and Control Audio features which are placed on the left side. However, the material used to wrap the steering wheel is different. Which TRD Sportivo prefers to wear leather as the cover. Not only that, TRD Sportivo also adds other features such as a Bluetooth phone button to the left of the steering wheel.

6. Power Outlet

Another feature in the SUV car series is the Power Outlet. Not only can it be found at the front, users can also find the Power Outlet on the rear left and the center cabin of the TRD Sportivo.

7. Entertainment Features

The latest version of Rush type G and S has a very interesting entertainment feature, namely the 7-inch Head Unit. In the TRD Sportivo type, Toyota adds several entertainment features such as multitasking, internet access, and a smartphone remote app.

In addition, the Rush type S is equipped with 8 speakers on its body, while the Rush type G only has 6 speakers.

8. Auto Headlight

Even though they both use LED lights, only the Rush TRD Sportivo is equipped with the Auto Headlight feature.

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