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Audi A7: A Flourishing Entry

Once again the German Car major Audi has come up with something that is bound to impress Audi lovers and other Auto lovers all over the world with the Audi A7. This baby can drive real smooth and get heads to turn towards itself. And that is not where it ends! The general Audi A7 specifications are: Length: 195.7 inches                                                                                        Width: 75.2 inches                                                                                           Height: 55.9 inches                                                                                            6 cylinder, v6 3000 cc Engine 300 hp Power Moreover, it offers ample luggage space with 17.7 cu ft space dedicated space to store your stuff. Thats it! The rest is something that you will only get to feel once you take it out for a test drive! This car is definitely going to be a tough competition for the existing sedans in the market.