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Clear Your Car Following a Snow Storm

Winter weather can pummel your car bringing with it ice and snow which can mar any finish if not removed properly. Road salt and other ice removing chemicals can do even more damage, gradually rusting and damaging the sub-frame steel if left untreated. Snow Removal Following a snowfall, particularly one large enough to bury your exposed car in several feet of drifted snow, you’ll want to carefully remove snow without damaging the paint, wipers, mirrors or other exposed and elevated parts of your car. It can be tempting to use a shovel to remove snow quickly, but if handled improperly you could damage your car. What is the best way to remove snow from a car not kept in a garage or car port? Preparation is the key, something you’ll want to do before the next wintry blast arrives: Get Ready – If you can garage your vehicle before a storm approaches, then problem solved. For everyone else, you can get ready by removing your ice scraper, brush and door lock ice melt from your car. You need