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Honda Brio, Not The Ordinary LCGC

Even though this is a Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), the Honda Brio Satya is not an ordinary cheap car. This is reflected in all the treats they have such as modern and aerodynamic design, spacious and wide cabin, to use the latest platform. Even though entering the LCGC, the Honda Brio is in a different class. Now this latest generation has gone up one more level.  The All New Honda Brio combines contemporary and dynamic design. Honda put forward the concept of 'Proud Over Class'. The front view of the car emphasizes a low center of gravity, and the wide body ensures stable steering. The sporty look with its sturdy and wide body creates a premium touch and offers a sense of stability that matches the exterior concept. All new Brio types are equipped with LED Light Position Guidelines. While the rear lights have a reflector that extends to the edge of the car. Tail light and brake light are designed separately for better visibility, especially at night. The spoiler in this car is a