BMW 130i M Sport, Super Smooth 6 Cylinder Engine

BMW’s 1 Series is the hatchback that dares to be different and the BMW 130i M Sport is the hot hatch for enthusiasts. Like the other BMW 130s, it defies the rules that say you must have front-wheel drive to reduce cost and weight while leaving plenty of room for passengers. The car is certainly not the roomiest of hatches, but the BMW 130i M Sport surprised the pundits. Instead of relying on a hot 2.0 liter four, BMW overstepped the mark by using the 3.0 liter 265 bhp engine from its larger models. With a 0-60 time of 6.0 seconds, and a top speed limited to 155 mph, it is definitely a very sporty hot hatch. Ultra-lightweight engine BMW does not make ordinary engines, of course, but this one goes further in the aim for perfection. To reduce weight, the block has two parts one in aluminum and the other in magnesium, fused together in the casting process. As a result, the engine is very light. The engine also has variable valve timing, and also completely variable valve lift from almost n

Clear Your Car Following a Snow Storm

Winter weather can pummel your car bringing with it ice and snow which can mar any finish if not removed properly. Road salt and other ice removing chemicals can do even more damage, gradually rusting and damaging the sub-frame steel if left untreated. Snow Removal Following a snowfall, particularly one large enough to bury your exposed car in several feet of drifted snow, you’ll want to carefully remove snow without damaging the paint, wipers, mirrors or other exposed and elevated parts of your car. It can be tempting to use a shovel to remove snow quickly, but if handled improperly you could damage your car. What is the best way to remove snow from a car not kept in a garage or car port? Preparation is the key, something you’ll want to do before the next wintry blast arrives: Get Ready – If you can garage your vehicle before a storm approaches, then problem solved. For everyone else, you can get ready by removing your ice scraper, brush and door lock ice melt from your car. You need

Honda Brio, Not The Ordinary LCGC

Even though this is a Low Cost Green Car (LCGC), the Honda Brio Satya is not an ordinary cheap car. This is reflected in all the treats they have such as modern and aerodynamic design, spacious and wide cabin, to use the latest platform. Even though entering the LCGC, the Honda Brio is in a different class. Now this latest generation has gone up one more level.  The All New Honda Brio combines contemporary and dynamic design. Honda put forward the concept of 'Proud Over Class'. The front view of the car emphasizes a low center of gravity, and the wide body ensures stable steering. The sporty look with its sturdy and wide body creates a premium touch and offers a sense of stability that matches the exterior concept. All new Brio types are equipped with LED Light Position Guidelines. While the rear lights have a reflector that extends to the edge of the car. Tail light and brake light are designed separately for better visibility, especially at night. The spoiler in this car is a